Innovative Energy Technologies



Join us as we support our Country, Our States, Our children, and Our cleaner environment, while saving and creating jobs, properly utilizing all of Our natural resources, and also creating and building a profitable business.



US policy makers are constantly trying to find fuel sources that can serve the nation’s energy needs, and simultaneously achieve positive impacts on our environment and economy while assuring sustained availability. 

CETA’s unique patented distillation process transforms raw coal into a much cleaner, hotter, better coal we call, COALliteTM. Our distilled coal product can be used in traditional power plants and other industrial facilities, such as steel plants, with lower emissions, and higher energy efficiency. It’s competitive price point results in a highly attractive economic margin. CETA’s COALliteTM will help power plants meet strict EPA standards by providing a 98% reduction in mercury emissions as well as a 20% reduction in key sulfur emissions.



Our clean energy technology is also a proprietary closed loop distillation process that derives various high demand products from coal:

  • COALliteTM - Ash for roads, cement and rare earth elements

  • CETASolveTM - Feed stock for other chemical products, drilling, fracking, secondary recovery, cleaning agents and CO2 absorption.

  • SynGas – High in Nitrogen and Hydrogen for clean fuels, agricultural applications and gasification uses.

  • Heavy Sweet Oil – For use in making pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, dyes, resins, firefighting fluids and other products.



With the composition of our proprietary chemical solvent called CETASolveTM, we have also designed a CO2 absorption technology that removes CO2 from natural gas or a combustion gas stream. In 2018, we discovered that when we take our chemical solvent CETASolveTM, properly used in our equipment, we can absorb CO2 from a gas stream, it then absorbs in the CETASolveTM to make our solvent even more productive in the oil, gas and pipeline industries.  


Our proprietary chemical solvent, extracted from coal, absorbs CO2 into solution, making ammonium bicarbonate as a byproduct. The resulting solvent with absorbed CO2 is marketable for enhanced oil and gas recovery.