much like our investors,

we started small.



We both come from very different backgrounds but coming together to partner in a real estate/investment company is just what we were destined to do. 

 In early 2008 we decided to attend a Rich Dad event in our hometown of New Orleans, LA. That was the start of our Real Estate Investment careers. In late 2008, we purchased 3 downtown lofts in Birmingham, Alabama that an investor was unloading during our last real estate crisis.  Over the next 7 years, we focused on building residential new construction, redevelopment of residential homes and multifamily rentals in both Louisiana and Alabama.  We participated in the “rebuilding” of New Orleans and surrounding areas after Katrina and were pleased to say that we helped contribute in our hometown in a very positive way by helping to bring people back home!

 In 2013, we discovered an up and coming boom market in Lake Charles, Louisiana. We saw the need for development in several real estate asset classes to support the tremendous growth that Southwest Louisiana is now experiencing and will continue to experience for decades to come.

 We are in the “right place, at the right time” and will continue to grow in that market. 

 We also have investments in the energy sector.  In 2013, we entered the oil and gas business.  Our timing was off to enter this industry, but we knew this industry would bounce back because with oil and gas, “it’s not if, it’s when”.  We are now invested in a “cleaner coal” company that has a very promising outlook.  We are helping to grow this industry because with the use of coal, “it’s not if, it’s when”. We are working with a company that is making the use of coal more environmentally friendly.

 Our latest discovery is an area with several Opportunity Zones that we think is the next boom market.  It’s an area that’s “under the radar” like Lake Charles, LA.

Stay tuned for the rest of the story…



pam abiDe


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Pam Abide is Managing Partner of New Orleans Equity Partners and an entrepreneur and investor who operated her own service/retail business for 17 years in both the Mandeville and Metairie communities of Louisiana. Pam believes in nurturing strong business relationships that creates a win-win for all parties involved. As a confident, driven professional who reacts quickly to opportunities that produce yield high returns, Pam focuses upon project development and acquisitions. She has successfully completed numerous investment and real estate transactions within the Greater New Orleans and Southeastern regions, as well as, Southwest Louisiana.

Her extensive network of contacts has allowed Pam to partner with some of the most respected and experienced people in the real estate industry, producing more than $1 billion dollars of real estate development experience. Pam and her business partners successfully collaborate to manage the complexities of real estate developments.

Her vast knowledge of finance, design, environmental, zoning and execution has made her a recognized leader in the business community. Additionally, Pam is a Managing Partner of Paragon Business Capital, which is a firm that provides alternative financing, commonly known as Factoring, for small and mid-size businesses who want to increase business revenue and profitability.

Ms. Abide hails from Birmingham, Alabama, and has resided in Louisiana for more than 35 years. She is a graduate of the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa with a Bachelor of Arts specializing in the field of Communications. As a resident of St. Tammany Parish for more than 32 years Ms. Abide has supported civic organizations such as the St. Tammany West Chamber of Commerce and St. Tammany Economic Development Foundation and is a Board Member of James Storehouse Louisiana. She is the proud mother of two grown children, Kimberly Abide Bergeron, Christopher, and a beautiful grandson, Luke.




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Serving as Director of Finance and Investor Relations with New Orleans Equity Partners, based in Covington, LA, Sharon’s primary focus includes Land Investment, Fossil Fuels Investments and Real Estate Development.  She works closely with local leaders and influencers in the markets she is invested in to ensure success in those markets.  Her knowledge and experience with acquisitions and structuring of successful projects bring many creative ideas to enhance profitability.  Her active participation in the marketplace has enhanced her ability to make a difference locally and to stay connected in a constantly changing and emerging marketplace.

Previously, Sharon worked in Quality Control Management in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing. She has garnered knowledge and experience in Quality Assurance, Procurement, Vendor Auditing, Scheduling and Import/Export Distribution, in a highly regulated Industry, where she garnered knowledge and skills that have served her well in her business career.


She also was the Co Founder of Another Broken Egg of America Franchise Business which started in 2001, and continues today to be a very successful Restaurant Franchise Business. She sold her interest in 2007 to focus primarily in Real Estate Development.  

Sharon now partners with some of the most experienced people in the Real Estate Industry and brings a management team with over $1 billion dollars of Real Estate development experience. Sharon helps to navigate through the complexities of zoning, design, environmental, finance and execution of Real Estate development projects.  



Business Development director

Adam Clavelle is the Business Development Director at New Orleans Equity Partners where he is responsible for investment research and project management assistance. Mr. Clavelle is currently a senior finance major at Southeastern Louisiana University where he will finish in May 2019 and will be continuing his education towards a Master of Finance at Tulane University’s A.B. Freeman School of Business in the Summer of 2019. Adam is currently conducting research on the Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief and Consumer Protection Act, an amendment to a portion of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform of 2010. He and other junior researchers are hoping to uncover the effects of the new act on the lending practices of community banking.