James StoreHouse


Local statistics

  • James Storehouse has been dedicated to the support and welfare of the child foster system for the past 8 years.

  • Inspired by James 1:27, this non-profit organization was created by St. Tammany resident Kim Bigler.

  • Working with DCFS, churches, volunteers and foster families, James Storehouse provides resources and improves living conditions for foster children.

  • In the Covington region of Louisiana there are 822 foster children, which is larger than in any other region in the state.


  • 4,374 kids in foster care

  • 653 kids waiting to be adopted

Covington region (including all florida parishes)

  • 822 Kids in foster care in the Covington Region (larger than any other region in the state)

  • Livingston Parish leads the State with 286 foster children

  • Tangipahoa with 194 foster children

  • St Tammany with 159 foster children