Medical Center




Architects Greenleaf Lawson Architects were challenged to design a 2 story, 30,000 square foot building footprint on a site that was restricted to limited buildable footprint and height limitations due to existing pipelines easements and utilities running through the site along with the adjacent residential neighborhoods. This presented the challenge of having a long narrow building axis and providing flexibility for various programs from medical offices, retail, restaurant, to typical commercial space while providing a featured entrance and corridors.


Greenleaf Lawson Architects provided a core entrance with elevator and public restroom access as well as provided a cross section of corridors to provide integration of programs and potential opportunities to share amenities. For the exterior, materials were used to soften the façade to provide a more residential appeal while parts of the site were broken up to provide depth and to lessen the commercial façade. Also incorporating landscape and outdoor areas encouraged interaction as well as provided access from neighboring apartments and assisted living complex to gain from the benefits the different programs provided.