Lake Charles is a medium sized city of 90,000 population that is experiencing massive growth as a result of $118 Billion of investment in natural gas, petrochemical, and sea port expansion projects that will ultimately add 35,000 population over the next decade. These projects are designed to address the correspondingly acute demand and shortage of supply.


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Located on 400 Arvell Loop (South of 1-10 behind Stines and directly across from West Cal Arena) in Sulphur, LA, Maplewood Place Park was conceived to address the shortage of housing in the Lake Charles and Sulphur area. Maplewood Place Park caters to skilled workers working in Lake Charles and Sulphur on mega-projects and more. Addressing the need of housing for the many highly skilled people who have come to Lake Charles, it will be home for a few months, or perhaps a lifetime. NOEP recognizes the need for a safe, clean location with all the basics, and the best internet to stay connected with friends and family. Maplewood Place Park opened for official business December 27th, 2018.

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Located on 6 acres in southwest Lake Charles, at the corner of Ham Reid Road and Weaver Road, Sage Oak Assisted Living & Memory Care provides outstanding service based on the belief that it is a community’s responsibility to preserve the health, safety, comfort, and general welfare of our seniors who may be suffering from loneliness and anxiety and require special care.

When thinking of assisted living, one may picture a nursing home or perhaps a large, institutional-type assisted living facility. Sage Oak is different from this - we are a boutique senior housing company. This type of community is laid out like a residential neighborhood, but instead of single family homes, these homes are purpose-built boutique assisted living and memory care homes.

Each home will have a maximum of 16 residents per home and will be independently-licensed through the Louisiana Department of Health. With a higher caregiver to resident ratio compared to a typical nursing home, Sage Oak Assisted Living ensures attentive and specialized care to meet each resident's specific needs.



The proposed project is a 240 unit new construction Class A apartment complex with luxury amenities. The complex will have a mix of 1BR, 2BR and 3BR units. The property is organized around a central green space with a club house, pool, fitness center and open air grilling area.

The project is organized in 10 buildings of 24 units each. The average unit size is approximately 800 square feet. The project zoning and site plan have been approved by the City of Lake Charles City Council. It is fully entitled. We see this project as fulfilling an acute need for housing. Lake Charles is growing in all asset classes. Many people are moving into single family homes. However, those skilled workers on term contracts need rental accommodations, despite the fact their high incomes could support home ownership. Each of the mega projects (currently 15) requires thousands of skilled workers for an extended period of time.





CETA Innovative Energy Technologies

CETA’s clean energy technology is a proprietary closed loop distillation process that derives various high demand products from coal.

With this Patent pending new technology, the distillation process provides significant benefits for U.S. energy needs. Coal has traditionally been resourced as a reliable homegrown power source at a low cost in comparison to alternatives such as foreign oil and high upfront costs of nuclear development. It is considered readily available when and where needed without subsidies compared to renewable energy sources. However, the need to ‘clean up’ coal production and extract the maximum value from its use is in the forefront of U.S. policy making decisions.